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Walking Route of Arnea

Walking Route of Arnea

The route of Arnea, refers to the earth element of Aristotelian Philosophy.

There will be a tour in the alleys of the so called “Aristocrat Town” of Eastern Halkidiki. We will visit the Church of Saint Stefanos, a building from 1812, where the glass floor allows us to see the buildings of older temples dating from the 10th century.

Then through a unique route of stone streets and buildings inspired by the architecture of Mount Athos, we will visit the Folklore Museum and the Museum of Textiles, where we will have the opportunity to get to know the local culture through the centuries.

Next stop, tasting honey at the award-winning company, where we will taste excellent quality varieties of honey, the local drink Mountovina and visit a museum of beekeeping art, where we will see how honey was produced in the last century.

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